Authentically created in accordance with the science of Bio-Dynamic farming, whereby total control, from formulation to distribution, guarantees the purity and efficacy of each product.


Bio-Dynamic Farming & Our Process


Amber Blue Skincare is a family company that we run at a small scale by a mother & daughter team who are both an herbalist and aromatherapist. Our aim is to be better than the best of the large brands in the quality of our products.


Many of the herbs used in Amber Blue products are grown and harvested in the Amber Blue herb garden where we have intermingled vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Our inspiration is a complicity with nature and influenced by the practice of french biodynamic organic gardening. Our organic garden is a promoter of biodiversity, where we grow many heirloom vegetables and herb varieties and where local fauna, including birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, dragon flies and bees feel at home.  We also raise honey bees which pollinate our garden.

Products are handcrafted for you in small batches on site at the Amber Blue studio. We grow our plants according to the sun, moon and stars and then harvest at the peak of perfection in the early morning when the dew has evaporated from the plants. Herbs are infused in oils for months extracting the powerful energy of the herbs. Our infused oils are blended with other oils and essential oils to create our serums and then packaged by hand and with love for you. We never hold large stocks of products, choosing instead to manufacture only as needed. This way we ensure that the product you receive from us is as fresh as possible.




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