where the magic happens and the process to making your gift

Step 1:

Our Garden

We grow herbs, plants & flowers in our organic garden using bio-dynamic methods, planting and tending to herbs by the rhythm of the seasons, moon, stars & sun. We do not use pesicides or chemicals. We make our own mulch using kitchen & garden scraps and nourish our herbs with mulch, seaweed and nettle.

Step 2:

Bloom - Time to Harvest

We harvest our herbs at the peak of perfection using bio-dynamic methods waiting to harvest until late morning when the dew has evaporated from the leaves.

Step 3:

Drying Herbs

After harvesting herbs from the garden we gently air dry them in our drying shed.

Step 4:

Herbal Infusions

We gently infuse herbs in organic oils for 2-6 weeks extracting medicinal properties from the herbs.

Step 5:

Herbal Infused Oils

After infusing herbs and oils for 2-6 weeks, we strain the herbs & oils to create herbal infused oils to use in our products.

Step 6:

Handcrafted Products

We handcraft all Amber Blue Skincare Products with love by hand in our studio. We make products in small batches to ensure freshness and never hold large stocks of products. You can be assured the product you receive from us is as fresh as possible. We like to think of it as Farm to Face.

Step 7:

Hand Package

With love we hand pour and label our products getting them ready for you to enjoy.

Step 8:

Garden Rest Time

When the days get shorter and autumn is approaching it is time to put our garden to rest for the winter. We prune back our plants and cover plants with a blanket of leaves & mulch for their winter rest time.  Simple Pause.

Step 9:

Winter Rituals

Rest & Renew - While our herbs & bees are resting for the winter, we at Amber Blue are enchanted by winter’s magical qualities & the value of slowing down, connecting to the earth’s quiet changes, and finding sweet moments to reflect and renew.




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