Amber Blue is a gift of love from Mother to her Daughter,

The love of an Herbalist in the cultivation of Natural and Organic remedies,

The love of an Aromatherapist in the distillation of spiritually healing experiences, 

The love of a Healer in the mindful creation of zen inducing products, 

The love that has produced a shared commitment to creating

100% pure and natural, hand-crafted treatments, as their gift to you.

Founders, Jen and Tara, always close, realized that they could celebrate their remarkable life achievements and enjoy the pursuit of their mutual passion for personal craftsmanship, by creating an artisanal, hand produced healthy beauty brand; natural and organic skincare and aromatherapy that derives its authenticity from the study of bio-dynamic farming and a collaboration with french bio-dynamic farming experts.


Amber Blue is the pure and simple “gift of love” from Tara and Jen to you.



Sitting at her mother’s knee, Tara had a ringside seat to the development of the natural and organic movement in America. Not only did she learn about aromatherapy and herbalism, but she became particularly interested in how both of these sciences could be incorporated into the creation of safe + effective zen inducing products to encourage mindfulness and a deeper connection to the mind, body and soul.

Tara Atwood is a traveling wellness entrepreneur with a focus in Yoga, Meditation + Sound therapy and the co-founder of Amber Blue.  She has taken her passion of alternative healing + wellness around the world, traveling to 25 countries to share her teachings.  Tara has conducted classes, workshops, trainings and retreats in America and countries throughout Asia and Europe. She is passionate about helping people find their zen. 


She lived in India, where she deepened her spirituality and to formally train in Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy.  After her stint in India, she worked at Mandali Retreat Center in Italy, a transformational center that offers yoga, meditation and wellness related classes.  

She has an M.B.A. from Baruch College Zicklin School of Business in Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in English and Philosophy.


To learn more about Tara and workshops and retreats visit

mother + CO-FOUNDER

Meet jen

Before she was a certified master herbalist and aromatherapist, she was an idealist; pursuing her Masters in planning and the study of utopian societies at the University of Massachusetts. A woman ahead of her time, positing theories of eco-tourism and sustainable development, as she studied Central American cultures, decades ago.


Settling down outside Boston and starting a family, Jen’s expertise in sustainability lead to an interest in natural and organic horticulture. She studied aromatherapy at the Boston School of Herbal Studies, and herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar, a pioneer in American herbal studies.


Since then, she has been active in herbal organizations, teaching and learning, as the rest of the world eventually caught up and realized the need for natural and organic everything in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.




We don’t want to use anything that’s gimmicky, what’s been used for hundreds or thousands of years works.   Learn about our ingredients.




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